Worked for 15+ years in Design and Motion design. After graduation from art schools, I started to work in a trend agency,then advertisement companies
where i was specialized in web design and flash animations. I spent some time there, then I decided to move on and do what i really strive for : Motion design.


I learnt After Effects by myself focusing on 2D animation tricks, key easing and redgiant plugins among many others ! Then I started to rediscover 3D and new motion design workflows thanks to C4D's mograph. I work now for production studios making Broadcast design, Title design, Art direction and Motion design.

Since then, im on an everlasting journey learning new softwares and techniques that could bring my art even further.

Comfortable in Art direction and Motion design, i am autonomous, multi skilled and endlessly curious about new workflows.

​Advanced level in After Effects,  C4D (Octane & Redshift), Substance Painter, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Intermediate in Houdini, Zbrush, UE4, Embergen and Notch.


Motion designer from Paris
Gobelins graduated
Geek designer & NFT enthousiast


Motion design

Art direction

Animation 2D/3D